Crystal Clear Acne Clinic Puts Top Skin Care Myths Under the Microscope

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According to the National Institute of Arthritis, Musculoskeletal and Skin Disease, acne can be irritated by many factors, such as hormone levels, oil from skin products, the environment and stress. While these factors are proven aggravators of acne, there are many myths about skincare and acne breakouts. Crystal Wellman, a Master Aesthetician and owner of the Crystal Clear Acne Clinic, reveals the truth behind skincare myths.
“With so many people of all ages suffering from acne, it’s important to understand what is really going on with your skincare routine,” affirms Crystal Wellman, a Master Aesthetician and owner of the Crystal Clear Acne Clinic. “The common at-home remedies can do more harm than good.”
For optimal skin care, get educated about the following myths:
1. Myth: Oily skin does not need a moisturizer. Fact: Oily skin tends to become dehydrated (lacking water moisture) and can stimulate oil glands to produce more oil to balance the skin. Use a non-comedogenic moisturizer everyday!
2. Myth: Toothpaste is a good spot treatment for a pimple. Fact: Most toothpaste contain sulfates which irritate the follicle in the long run. Find non-comedogenic products and spot treat with an acne gel that contains sulfur for quick healing.
3. Myth: SPF will make me breakout. Fact: Finding the right SPF is key. Chemical SPF’s tend to attract heat into the skin potentially making breakouts worse. Find a good non-comedogenic SPF that uses a physical block like Zinc. This will also help those pesky acne spots heal faster.
4. Myth: Scrubs and motorized facial brushes will clear my acne. Fact: Acne starts in the pore not on the surface of your skin. Scrubbing acne skin can make the inflammation worse so instead use gentle non-comedogenic cleansers and an exfoliating serum to prevent the acne from forming in the first place.
5. Myth: Junk food will not make my acne worse. Fact: Eating foods high in iodides (iodine) and sugars has been proven to cause irritation and inflammation in the follicle which can lead to a breakout. If you are acne-prone, try limiting foods high in iodides and sugars and opt for fresh whole food options.
“Brands try to sell as many products as possible, advertising products as acne-fighters when, in reality, they contain ingredients that can be harmful to your skin,” affirms Wellman. “You should speak with a skin care specialist to find out the best course of treatment for your skin.”
Crystal Clear Acne Clinic is a new full-service skin care clinic located at located at 1210 Princess Anne St. Suite A in Fredericksburg, Va. The clinic offers skin care treatment for a wide variety of conditions, including acne, acne rosacea, and aging. The clinic is owned by serial entrepreneur Crystal Wellman, who is a Master Aesthetician and also owns Ladyburg, a handcrafted bath and body store. She is also a certified acne specialist, and is also certified in the areas of oncology, dermaplane, and microdermabrasion. For more information on the Crystal Clear Acne Clinic visit their website at
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