Living with Greenery: A Celebration of Seasonal Color 5


Hybrid grapes enjoyed on an overcast afternoon with good friends.  A perfectly cut stone anxiously awaiting its new fashionable home.  A boucle over coat that makes a proper debut at the most visible event in the world.  A bouquet of unique blooms that spark conversation for hours.  That pair of glasses that sees more happiness and experiences the reality of joy than their rose colored counterpart.  The ends of crayons that are used to embellish wonderful designs gifted to welcoming elders.  Proper trousers that make passersby stop with bewilderment and compliment.  A delicious and refreshing beverage enjoyed during the end of a light rain shower.  Collections of vintage thread that are used to create modern design, bringing together three generations in harmony.

Have a beautiful and successful week!


SOURCE: Pinterest. ULTIMATE REPORT-Text specially designed for this series.

Living with Greenery: A Celebration of Seasonal Color 5

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