Living with Pink Yarrow: A Celebration of Seasonal Color 4


A simple message delivered in with the height of communication, for all to see and enjoy.  Hidden in a menagerie of colors, it is a flash that captures and keeps the eyes.  A spontaneous date with color that has the senses dance all night.  Reliable appliances and tools to make life more efficient.  Something sweet that tastes better when shared with someone special.  A moment when you walk into a room and get noticed for be the brightest dressed patron.  A power soda drink that delivers as much pop as it does fashion statement.  A sparkling mixer to remind everyone about life’s simple yet attainable folly.  A celebration of explosion over the ocean to mark the beginning of a warm season.  Blossoms that deliver scent or offer precious décor any time of the day.  An old friend with a new cover.  Uniforms to brightly unite a professional team.  A piece of jewelry to keep one in time with fashion all season long.  Makeup to drape the eyes in romance without saying a word.  Richly woven fabric to cover the feet for a sociable frolic among strangers and peers.  On a wall to awaken the senses daily, while satisfying one’s sense of humor.

Have a beautiful and successful week!


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Living with Pink Yarrow: A Celebration of Seasonal Color 4

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