MARCH 2017


Indecisive weather patterns, a solid desire for warm weather, a lust for lighter fashion, and a solid mission to shed inches before the heat sets in…yes, March 2017 is here.  Nature takes on more brilliance while seasonal color leaps off the pages into wardrobes of the trendy and fashion conscious.  Generations-old traditions with a new twist take root to be enjoyed by all through cuisine and raw celebration.  New music fills the empty spaces of our minds while we do the things for ourselves that will pay off in the future.  Who will reign supreme as our 2017 award winners?  After all is said and done, what will your reflections of March look like?

This month’s cover look was produced by the incredibly talented Mackenzie Nall.  Yes, February is most certainly a wonderful month of celebration.  How will you celebrate this month of 31 days?

Have an amazing March everyone!

XO Mary


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