Just one of thousands of variations of cheesecake, white chocolate cheesecake has rooted itself in the personal history of dessert lovers and cheesecake afficianatos.  Dating back to 776 BC,  the ancient Greeks enjoyed some form of cheesecake.  From there, … Read More

FASHIONABLE Lips for Spring/Summer 2017

Fashionable lips are simply a few application strokes away.  Two products and you’re set.  What should your season’s lip product line up look like?  We pulled a few products from CATRICE that are perfect for all your daily lip color … Read More


It is an expression of celebration, personal fashion, seasonal bliss or an attempt to recreate the human form?  Floral headdresses are gorgeous reminders of the multi-colored bounty nature produces throughout the year.  This is where delicacy meets fabric, ingenuity and … Read More

The New E-Class Cabriolet

  The new Cabriolet is the newest member of Mercedes-Benz’s new E-Class family, which has been entirely renewed within the last year. At the same time, the Mercedes-Benz brand is continuing its tradition of high-caliber cabriolets with a classic fabric … Read More

MARCH 2017

  Indecisive weather patterns, a solid desire for warm weather, a lust for lighter fashion, and a solid mission to shed inches before the heat sets in…yes, March 2017 is here.  Nature takes on more brilliance while seasonal color leaps … Read More