Five Days Of Power Cocktail

We recently embarked on a five-day product trial.  Lifeoxylin™ Cellular Defense Elixir is a nutritional supplement by Apriori Beauty.  This super antioxidant juice blend delivers a unique combination of ingredients supporting the four core influences of aging.  How does this benefit you? … Read More


When Gina Olsen sent me this package in the mail some time ago, I had no idea the royal treatment that awaited inside!  One product that stuck out as recent as last night and this morning was a unique serum … Read More

Gothic Beauty Produces Beauty For All

Acclaimed horror writer Gabrielle Faust has launched a beautiful line of mineral eye shadows.  “Gabrielle Faust By Over All Beauty” delivers eight very chic and versatile colors both consumers and professionals will enjoy.  The Gothic color line up includes:    “Love Lost” … Read More

Cougar Kit

Attention cougars, this one’s for you!  Yes, you can tame those lines (if you have them) while maintaining your prowess!  Cardeaux has created the ultimate kit with four super cosmetic products complete with a mirrored cougar pouch! The Cougar Kit, a … Read More

Your Next Power Protein Snack

Between 2:30-3:00PM, something happens everyday.  The tummy starts to rumble and craves something to satisfy the hunger until dinner time!  The first response is to visit the vending machine for a quick snack fix.  Is this the best option in snacking?  How … Read More

Luminizing Mask

Boscia offers an incredible luminizing mask claiming to be all strip and no tease!  Dead skin and impurities are instantly peeled off leaving surface skin brighter and smoother.  How does this black mask do it?  The mineral-rich peel off mask … Read More

Cool Your Peeps

Eyes get itchy and dry during the day?  Do they get become parched during travel?  VICHY has the perfect solution for you!  Aqualia Eye Stick soothes and wakes up sleepy eyes with it’s super dose of vitamins and instant cooling … Read More