At Lanvin, the wardrobe is a dialogue that is ceaselessly renewed, created from unusual correspondences. Taken to the paroxysm of nonchalance, this new masculine elegance allows one to address every circumstance of life with the same aplomb. Lucas Ossendrijver has chosen to state still further the modernity of his offer. A clear choice, the Pre Summer 2017 collection is easier to wear than ever, with strong patterns, club stripes or vintage Asian drawings. With, as ever, particular care taken with details, from the raw edges to the contrasting stitching. Colours, prints and fabrics echo one another, clamouring for attention. This is Lanvin-style “Mix & Match“.

From the unexpected is born the evident … This season, colours combine with graphic motifs in black and white. Day blurs into evening. Sporty details enliven formal outfits, such as track pants worn with a suit jacket or an embroidered shirt. The weight of a leather jacket balances the lightness of a shirt in technical fabric. The virtuosity of a draped fabric effect at the waist of a pair of trousers is underlined by the modernity of its technical details.  No contrasts or oppositions: just a wardrobe to wear every day, spontaneous, enamelled with surprise encounters, patchworks (jersey, leathers, textures), clothing in washed denim or even the now iconic Lanvin Homme pieces, from trench-coat to biker’s jacket, not forgetting the bomber jacket or parka coat.







Whereas the most classic suits in the collection translate a real desire for “French-style” elegance, the new structures of the jackets, often printed with checks, respond to a real need for airiness. The most contemporary looks are proposed in a range of exclusive fabrics. Chic sportswear – never before has this term been so rightly deserved. Jacquard, prints, Lurex, stretch wool, black or indigo denim, lightweight or thicker cottons, houndstooth or Prince of Wales check … Although every item in the collection has its own strong personality, they have all been designed to live together, to combine and adopt each other. A red striped jacket brightens up trousers in tiny check fabric. A short zip-up tartan jacket comes to life over a second, denim jacket. For evening, golden stitching, black and champagne coloured sequins, jacquard ties and the new shawl collar on a dinner jacket state loud and clear the radiance of this contemporary dandy.







Whether adorned with contrasting stripes or embroidered with badges, in knit or jersey, the Pre Summer 2017 collection has been re-designed and fined down. Here and there, between two striped pieces, a new look at a Chinese koi fish motif, which prints its symbols of wealth and prosperity on shirts, sweatshirts and even linings. Embroidered on a silk jacket or knitwear, a Chinese crane pattern appears to take flight.


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