The popular 80’s video game character that has managed to stand the test of time, still manages to please and entertain today’s video game players as vividly as he did decades ago.  Actively moving from obstacle to obstacle by way of millions of fingers and joysticks, Mario has managed to seal the deal with his very own day! Yes, today is Mario day.

If you know about Mario celebrating should be a breeze.  If you do not know about Mario, jump into a group who does know the video game sensation.  While you may not be able to keep up with everyone, you will learn about the game, the culture and all the nuances that make it so likable.  A celebration is only complete with great food and snacks.  A customized menu of grab-n-go foods can top the celebration’s festivities.  Make them as attractive as the gravitational pull of the game:  (1)  Level up Cheeze Its.  (2)  Mushroom muffins or cupcakes.  (3)  Giant Mario scene scape cake.  (4)  5-Point Star Cookies.  (5)  Colorful Iced Character Cookies.  …while the list can go on forever, this is a great place to start!   Need a bit of direction?  We found a great resource guide to mastering the art of Mario eats on The Very Best Top  CLICK HERE!  

However you celebrate, enjoy every minute of the celebration!  We love you Mario!!!

Have a beautiful and successful week!


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