Following the buzz of the Opening Gala, the second evening of Vancouver Fashion Week’s 29th season exhibited an alluring range of unparalleled designs. The attention to detail, craftsmanship, and creativity put into the pieces was profoundly apparent. The buzz in the room was exciting and all were ready to see the newest collections from the featured designers. The runway lit up at 5:00pm with the crowd in awe as the second group of designers hit the runway. Not only was the venue crowded with guests, you could undeniably feel the energy and excitement within.



With each model rocking a charming phone case, Kisman’s Fall/Winter line debuted the “digital” woman with her phone in her hand. All the way from China, Kisman’s collection is for the modern day woman with a street like fashion tone. Glitter and charms are a key detail throughout the line as the unique pieces are embellished beautifully. Jeans are a signature here and the ready to wear outfits consist of blouses and leather detailed skirts. Kisman has shown her knowledge in the area of fashion with her classy yet trendy pieces demanding the audience’s attention. With a black and white colour palette locked, hints of red accents are combined. The cohesive tones and textures are in harmony with the style and make for a beautiful collection.



KEEM’s eco-lux brand is dedicated to utilizing sustainable and fair trade practices to create their pieces. Keem Bay in Achill Island is situated on the edge of the Atlantic Ocean, which is what inspired the label. The incorporation of natural fibres, jacquards, digitally printed silk, GOTS certified organic cotton and faux fur in the label’s collections pay homage to Keem’s amazing seascapes and emotional landscapes. This ready to wear line is not just fashionable but luxurious as well. With soft and bold hues intertwined, KEEM’s line is ready to wear in all areas of fashion – business or casual. The structured fit and patterns make these statement pieces classic for women everywhere.



The focus of the designer label Alogon is very much directed towards mood, artistic sensitivity, freedom and ingenious creativity. The label works towards breaking away from the generally accepted path of minimalism by experimenting and developing countless silhouettes. Alogon explores and makes use of new materials, while incorporating exquisite and sophisticated detail in all their creations. The use of soft tones keeps the theme of the line in sync with where the inspiration originated. The silhouettes and structure of the clothing with prints allows a look unlike others. The ready to wear line screams creativity.



“Lips on a Spiral” combines the line and motifs of traditional Japanese costume (Waso) with the comfort of Western styled garments to create a new kind of Waso. The incorporation of a pleating technique on chemical fiber gives the fabric qualities of being easy-to-move, cool, light and easy to wash. In addition, creating wearable piece that can be clothed in similar manner as western made apparel. The techniques used in the collection allow WASSO VEGE to stray away from the practice of binding and restricting of ancient Japanese apparel. Hues of Red, Green and Blue are incorporated throughout the collection and are representative of their fundamental nature in every substance and pose as a common ancient memory for all races. These fashion forward Kimonos are beautifully constructed with large exaggerated sleeves and embellishments that make the pieces more than just a Kimono.

Have a beautiful and successful week!




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