Vancouver Fashion Week kicked off day three with incredible new designers, creating remarkable pieces with inspiration merging from various styles and techniques. As guests anxiously wait the shows commencement, photographers are ready to capture the nights refreshing designs. Tonights theme is introduced with a modest tone and closes with the most risquee.



Kristen Ley is bringing forward her Fall/Spring 2017 collection for day three at Vancouver Fashion Week. With her approach to clothing inspiring woman, Ley’s risque look includes structured leather pieces with an avant garde-type ambiance. Having studied fashion in Vancouver, Ley embarks her visions through her creative designs and a high fashion feel. This years collection is filled with beautiful, fun and tasteful pieces. With many pieces resembling works of art, Ley’s inspiration of fashion are major statement pieces that are worthy to be labeled as art. Ley has proved herself in the world of fashion with her scandalous garments and her jaw dropping closing piece – a perfectly ballooned skirt.



Designer and brand TRISTEN MICKELSON takes fashion week by storm with his womenswear collection. The seventeen year old designer is well on his way to the big leagues, already counting 9 years of fashion design experience under his belt. T.M constructs his designs with a street like style and a high culture vibe which highlights the uniqueness of his creations. Having recently showed in Seattle Fashion Week, T.M is presenting a new line of innovative and ready-to-wear pieces, accentuating each body and giving fashion a new name. The use of dark hues, fur and the signature pant he’s placed on all the models has allowed a trendy vibe to be presented.



Stephanie Moscall-Varey, the face behind the women’s wear brand MOSKAL, showcased her style and trends in her noteworthy collection. Her new wave of talent has been recognized in Canada, the United States, as well as Italy. While her techniques are influenced by natural forms and fabrics, the knowledge accumulated and the inspiration collected from the environmental beauty of her hometown of Southern Ontario, encourages an innovated approach. The animal fur embellishments and the appropriate fit combined, equal the true meaning behind noteworthy pieces of clothing. Her delicate tones and gentle feel for women’s clothes reflect her collection immensely. Each item strutted down the runway was truly remarkable. The high fashion designs accentuated sheer fabrics and flower bottoms beautifully; The addition of coloured shades made the collection pop outside of the “norm.” Moskal not only made a statement in the show, she captured the attention of the entire room with these luxurious custom trends.



With his education in the United Kingdom and production in South Korea, Hangjun Jo women’s collection was inspired by 1920’s tennis. With numerous wools and fabrics intertwined in his work, Hangjun has organized a magnificent collection including patterns and styling with “tasteful” colouring embedded. Hanjun Jo’s distinctive knowledge with patterns and prints allows for an artistic approach in his creations. Fitted to a T, each item works with the different patterns that collide. The soft fabric, rugged edges and asymmetric designs added to the collection and finished with a loud applause.



Naming Anne Frank as the inspiration behind her collection, Kakopieros embeds dark and chaotic elements to her work. With fabrics outside the “norm,” Kakopieros uses rubber and latex to showcase her visions. Unlike other designers, Kakopieros’ vibe is expressed from influence of worldwide issues – refugees and the environment crisis. The intriguing materials used by this designer are not only show stopping, but beautifully original. The outside the box thinking and creations have allowed this brand to become noticeable and outstanding. The dark leather appeal with splashes of neon green leave the audience wondering where else Kakopieros may take this collection. Just when you thought it could not get more erratic, the disjointed Barbie legs that hang from the models like earrings add a characteristic unlike ever seen before. This collection has an apparent sex appeal attached and the use of everything out of the ordinary has the audience standing just to snap their own photos at these mischievous pieces.


Have a beautiful and successful week!


SOURCE:  VFW.  Images-Arun Evader.



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