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PUBLISHED PROJECT is a special philanthropy project exclusive to ULTIMATE REPORT (Ultimate Skincare & Beaute Report, LLC.), dedicated to helping to develop the careers of hair stylist/colorists and makeup artists through publishing their creative works.  If you are starting your career and want your creative work considered for PUBLISHED PROJECT, please contact Mary at

The criteria are as follows:

(1)  Work must be finished including hair with makeup.

(2)  Work must be photographed against a professional background.  This may include a clean work area background, professional career setting or solid wall.

(3)  No pornographic or any work containing abuse or discrimination of any type will be considered for press.

(4)  Send Mary an email message expressing a desire to have your professional creative work published.  Include photos of the work you would like to have published.

(5)  Each submission must include the following:  Photographer, model, creative talent names must be listed with your creative work submission.

(6)  From this point my team and I will review the content submitted.

(7)  When your submitted work is selected, we will contact you with the good news after it has been published with all the details!

(8)  There is no cost to have your work published.  🙂 This project is strictly an editorial series.

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How did Published come about?  

Reason Number 1.  While working behind the cosmetic counter I noticed there were so many of us who wanted our work to get noticed so we could advance our careers.  There were so many incredibly talented makeup artists who did amazing work without any type of online presence or published work.  Listening to the countless stories of co-workers who did work on magazine sets, for runway or other visible projects and did not have a place to display and share with others was so defeating.  Many of us relied on having someone catch us when we had someone n the chair or through a verbal reference from one or more of our coworkers just to get additional gigs.  To be quite honest if a very generous business owner had not walked into where I was working and asked if anyone was interested in doing makeup for an upcoming spring catalog, I would not have become a published makeup artist.  The only reason I got the gig was because the girl who originally agreed to do the gig decided not to do it and asked me if I wanted it.  This does not happen all the time if at all.  I had no online presence or portfolio at the time and it was a miracle that this opportunity happened for me at all.  About six months later my work was seen in a chocolate company catalog visible to the country and the world, something I will always be grateful for.  Up to this point I has done makeup for the occasional bride and wedding party, fashion show, and clients.    After I completed the gig I was offered amazing career opportunities.

Photo session of the great model

Reason Number 2.  After retiring my retail career I segued into public relations/marketing based on a very strong recommendation from a client of mine.  I brought all my skills and talents with me in addition to an amazing ability to efficiently coordinate press/events and create visibility for the spas and salons I represented.  While working in spas and salons the only element keeping some of the amazing talent I worked with from making their business move forward was simply a presence of some sort.  Taking this a step further, these talents desperately needed someone to help them with marketing their talents and special services or to teach them how to maneuver the basics of PR.  One of my greatest obstacles across the board was pitching talent who had no visible work presence.  This, of course, came from pitching services to potential high-end clients and being asked to see a professional portfolio online/website or even hard copy.  Other times potential clients would not allow anyone to touch their hair without having been published.  Of course, I did everything in my power to make sure these gaps were filled but sometimes they were completely out of reach due to lack of resources or even cost.  


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Today there are many wonderful online resources where work can be posted but nothing beats taking ownership through being published.  Having a publication recognize your professional work and sharing it with their readers, and the world, is amazing recognition.  The value is enough to catapult a career forward in the right direction.  

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Opportunities that can come from having a published online presence: 

(1)  Creating a fully comprehensive portfolio.  

(2)  Developing a solid clientele in retail, spa, bridal, etc.  

(3)  Being considered for print, runway and video work.  

(4)  Join the film union for major media work.  

All of these career moves require having work published.  



My team and I welcome your questions moving forward and look forward to seeing your work published in ULTIMATE REPORT!

Best wishes to you all.  Have a beautiful and successful week!



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