We are excited to announce the first annual Top Beaute and Top Grooming Awards for 2016, in September 2015.  These are the go-to products that never let you down and add value to the quality of life.  From the budget to the exclusive, it’s all here.

How are products and brands selected for a Top Beaute or Top Grooming Award?  There are many variables to consider when selecting products for Top Beaute or Top Grooming recognition.  Some of these variables include product quality, product accessibility, brand customer service, ability to fulfill it’s name sake, simplicity in use, brand or line cohesion, over-all product reliability, enhances the quality of life.

All recognized brands will receive the official award logo to place on their website as well as a link to the award roll call in ULTIMATE REPORT.  The official Top Beaute and Top Grooming Award logos are created with Piktochart.

WANT TO BE CONSIDERED FOR 2017?  If you are interested in having a product from your brand or products from your brand considered for the 2017 Top Beaute and Top Grooming Awards, we are accepting entries starting the last week of September 2016.  2017 Top Beaute and Top Grooming Awards will be issued in September 2016.  Please contact us directly for further details.

We appreciate your interest in the TOP BEAUTE AWARDS, TOP GROOMING AWARDS and ULTIMATE REPORT.  Have a beautiful and successful season!

Mary Winkenwerder