Join us as we interview brand developers, people from all walks of life that use beauty and grooming products, and those who add uniqueness to the industry!

If you want to be on the show and have products, please be sure to have one sheets/products detail sheets.  Press resources will need these reference points if they request products.

If you are not familiar with the term “one sheet” or “product details sheet” please refer to these resources.  Thanks so much!

Click here for One Sheet.    Per Wikipedia      

Product Detail Sheet is a piece of paper that has gives details about a product.  This may include a photo of the product.  Please send this with your products to press resources.  If you do not have these elements for your brand or products, please create them.

Your online presence. Since we are a show that is taped online, we work with brands who have a solid online presence. What does this mean? Your social media presence needs to be solid and best represent your business. Your social media sites should visibly represent your brand and there should be an easy transition from a brand website to any other brand pure presence. Since the shows are pressed into the blog and the blog gets a good amount of traffic, we want to be sure that your brand is simple to research on all fronts. Bringing this up to speed is simple and can take little time.

Words of advice.   Members of the press who are active, while they love what they do and are good at what they do, need to have details in front of them.  If they are covering your product or offer feed back as to what they need, please adhere to their directions if you would like to work with them.  Keep your communication short and professional.  DO NOT share your true negative  opinions of any particular brand, product, person or type of business.  Enough competition exists without adding to that frame of mind during a pitch session.  The pitch is your opportunity to shine and possibly be covered in press.  Editorial coverage is ALWAYS a favor…it is something more you had before you started the day.  🙂  We want everyone to benefit from being on the show and the process as smooth as possible!

Have a beautiful and successful week!


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